Wheelchair- & Handicap ramp

Our larger, stationary wheelchair ramps – EU ramps – are suitable for both home modification and public buildings and takes the user all the way up to the door. The EU ramp are made of galvanized steel. which provides superior stability compared to the corresponding aluminum ramp, steel is three times stronger than aluminum.


The system is modular, highly flexible and designed according to the Swedish building regulations which states that a stationary ramp may lean no more than 1:12. The ramps should not have a greater height difference than 0.5 m between langdings. Standard widths of ramp modules are 0.9 m and 1.3 m.

Our telescopic legs in the railing posts entails that it only requires one length of the leg, up to 0.9 m. This results in easy design and installation of the ramp.




Expanded metal gives a very non-slip surface on the ramp and it let through rain and snow. The ramps can also be equipped with contrast markings of expanded metal.

Our entrance has a feature that allows the ramp in most cases, coming right up to the front door. One side has a removable beam which means that the stairs can be straddled.

Our unique Ergosoft railing is designed to provide strong grip for the hand. It is neither round or square but both. The rail is included in all our rail models to the ramps.



For smaller level differences we recommend TRIDENT Mini Ramp, it is ideal for tight spaces with small height differences. The modules are assembled together to different ramp lengths and can be joined together with the EU-ramp to a flexible entrance solution.





TRIDENT  Mini-ramp 

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